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What Others Say

Here’s what successful entrepreneurs, executives and professional speakers have to say about Sanjay

“Sanjay is a fantastic speaker and coach and I am grateful for the time I have spent with him. He has a inner confidence and sense of calm that most of us only touch from time to time and has the ability to pass this gift onto others wherever he goes – if you have the chance to spend time with Sanjay don’t miss it…”

Peter Roper “The Family Business Man!”, Award winning speaker, best-selling author, Business Strategist, Publisher and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association

“Sanjay is an outstanding Firewalk trainer who achieves incredible and lasting results with integrity and passion. I believe him to be at the forefront of Firewalk training in the UK. Anyone serious about change should experience the power of his Firewalks.”

Tolly Burkan,, Founder of Firewalking Institute of Research and Education

Dear Sanjay, Just wanted to thank you for speaking at The Knowledge Network recently. I felt strongly that your talk really connected with the group of people in the room in a way that was able to actually reach individuals. Your empathy and flexibility really allows people to identify with your subject matter and therefore gain from it. Your talk made me think about my glass ceiling, in being focused and dealing with distractions. I am too easily distracted and find it difficult to say “No”. Since listening to your talk, I have started to think differently and am aware that I have been more relaxed.It would be a huge benefit to the University for more people to hear your talk and I am particularly thinking about the Summer School we run for Entrepreneurs at The Judge Business School in Cambridge each year. Perhaps we could discuss this further.  Sanjay, you are someone who can connect and bring special insight into what makes people tick and realise their potential. I wish you and your business success for the future. Until we speak again.

Professor Alan Barrell

When I met Sanjay I was a co-owner in a successful accountancy company, but I had lost my way in my career and life. My work was no longer really fulfilling me and yet I didn’t know how to go about changing that as my security depended on it. I didn’t know which way to turn, but I did know I was unhappy which was affecting my home and work life. My business coach recommended that I speak to Sanjay, and this led to my engaging Sanjay’s coaching services.  Sanjay helped me think clearly about what I wanted and what was not working for me. He enabled me to find my own solutions, and make decisions to improve it. Using the processes he taught me during our private coaching sessions, specifically emotional intelligence, I was able to make tough decisions with ease. I am now happier and able to work positively. My family relationships are fun again, and I also have a renewed enthusiasm for work, following my dream again.I no longer struggle with situations beyond my control, and have a set of tools I can use to change my circumstances and regain control.This has led to me overcoming stress and worry. I am physically healthier and mentally more alert than before. It has improved my life and this may not have happened without Sanjay’s help. I recommend him to anyone who has lost their way in life, suffering from stress, depression, or feeling unfulfilled in their career or life.

David Stocker, Chartered Accountant

Sanjay, is deeply knowledgeable, insightful, yet grounded and the techniques and concepts taught simple to apply. His approach is both subtle and as hard hitting as anything else I have attended. I would wholly commend them to anyone who is serious about driving success in a business context and/or eager for growth in their personal development.“Sanjay has deep levels of wisdom to share that will help people take their emotional intelligence to a whole new level. He can positively challenge people’s views, inspire people to make changes, empower people for whatever they consider to be their achievement journey. A real star! I highly recommend Sanjay!

Tony Burgess, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker, Coach, Director at Academy of High Achievers Ltd

As a professional Business Coach myself, I am a raving fan of coaching and its amazing benefits, particularly if you get the right Coach. So when I originally met Sanjay — around six years ago – I was keen to find out more about him.As I got to know Sanjay and could see evidence of how good he was I began to look for opportunities where we could work together. I attended a few of his courses, including his Experience workshop. The interesting thing for me was that, although I had what I believed was quite extensive knowledge and understanding of some of his techniques, I found Sanjay really helped bring them to life. Working with Sanjay added a whole new level to my understanding of the principles and their practical application.I particularly appreciated his style which seems to combine a plethora of opposites. It’s direct but not invasive and it’s intense but not judgmental. Being with Sanjay is a safe place to be and there is a certainty about him that is refreshing and reassuring. He combines gentleness with strength in such a way that you just know if you are ever going to move from where you are, it has to be there and then. He is someone that can be trusted.Having had the benefit of his coaching, it has saved me a lot of pain and heartache both personally and professionally. Professionally he helped me to let go of a Directorship of a company that I had been holding onto when it was really long past it’s “sell by” date for me. Personally, he’s seen me go through a number of changes and challenges. Importantly, very early on he helped me to let go of an old relationship and be open to having the kind of relationship I had hardly dared hope for. All my old challenges came up a little way into that relationship and Sanjay was a valued source of help to both of us when we experienced a ‘blip’. This has been amazing and I’m truly thrilled to say that this relationship is now stronger than ever, it continues to go from strength to strength – and my partner and I are both really grateful to Sanjay for that.Sanjay makes a profound difference to those he coaches. In fact, he seems to have the almost magical knack of helping his clients make that profound difference themselves . . . with the aid of a great Coach! With Sanjay, it can be easy. Without Sanjay, it can be a nightmare (or at least one heck of a challenge!).For anyone thinking about being coached by Sanjay, I would say do it and do it now – don’t waste any more time. And don’t tell yourself you’ll “think about it”. He’s come to your attention for a reason . . . a good reason.I know that you, like me, will be amazed at the returns you get and keep getting long after you have done the initial work with Sanjay.

I feel very privileged to know him and I consider him a friend and a trusted adviser. My life is definitely better for knowing Sanjay Shah.

Mary Collin, Personal and Professional Development Specialist, Founder President of the Professional Speaker Association (PSA) Midlands Region

I attended one of Sanjay’s training days a few years ago and it was the beginning of a profound change in my life. Sanjay is a great coach/teacher and his open, relaxed and intuitive nature creates a deep connection which allows for a deeper level of learning.

Vinay Parmar, Speaker, PSA member, Coach and Consultant

Sanjay is a prolific speaker and trainer who makes a huge impact on the lives of those he comes into contact with. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to grow both professionally and personally

Frank Furness,, International Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer and Author, Past President of the Professional Speakers Association in the United Kingdom

Sanjay is the best “emotional intelligence” coach that I know and amongst the best in the world.. He has helped me and my partner cut right through to the core of the patterns that have held us back and break through to better results and relationships

Andy Gwynn, Business Growth Specialist, Sales and Marketing Expert

If you want easily applied emotional intelligence models that can have profound benefits to your business and personal life, then I must commend the work of Sanjay to you. I have seen first hand numerous significant shifts in peoples self-belief systems as a result of his work. Emotional intelligence without the “Ra-Ra”! A “must experience” training

David Hyner, David Hyner, Fellow (FPSA) of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA)

I am delighted to provide this testimonial in support of Sanjay Shah.  I was first introduced to him in 2005 embarking on a programme of personal development. Not only was the series of events insightful, I had until then, as a practising HR professional, not undertaken anything as inspirational, of practical relevance and sustainability. Such was the degree of impact for me personally I invited him into my organisation where he worked at both an individual and team level, with similar response and success.

Denise Harnin, Director of Human Resources, NHS Trust Hospital