Have you ever been out, met someone and felt negative emotions coming from them? To the point where you actually have to move away and not be around them anymore?

I recently attended a networking event where I delivered a 10-minute presentation to the members. At the end someone asked me a question about negative emotions and how they have an impact on what we do and how we feel.

It brought to mind the quote and phrase from Oddball in “Kelly’s Heroes”.  Have you ever seen that film?

Donald Sutherland plays a tank commander called Oddball and his 2nd in command is called Moriarty. In the film, a team of US soldiers are trying to get to a bank behind enemy lines where they know millions of dollars in gold bars have been hidden.  They must overcome a series of obstacles and hurdles to get them towards their goal.

During this time Moriarty is always coming up with problems and constantly moaning about the situation. The famous phrase that Oddball uses is “Always with the negative waves Moriarty, always with the negative waves”.

What happens when someone is giving you those negative waves?

How does it make you feel and how do you react to them when they are around you?

It’s not great and I bet that you try and spend as little time with them as possible or you start to feel your own negative emotions rising in you.

What if you are the person that is feeling down and giving out the negative waves?  How do you think people are reacting to you and how is that helping you?

Emotions are energy.  When we are with people we are picking up and reacting to the energy around us.  If you can learn to resonate and vibrate in the higher energy states you will attract people in higher energy states to you and will find that life becomes just that little bit easier.

So next time you start to feel down, or someone is giving you problems just remember to say “Don’t hit me with those negative waves….”

To view a clip of the film and all the times it is said click the below: