Circle of Support

Through this journey you will meet like minded individuals who will become your circle of support.  This group has a great understanding of the material and how to help you implement when you are in your “normal” daily life.  Using this group of people will help you to accelerate your learning and will be there to support you when you need it.

"Since first working with Sanjay I have come to realise that
most people are being held themselves.
Sanjay and his team give you the opportunity not only to
discover your potential but to unlock it. They then give you
the tools to continue improving!"

Dave Holloway

"I am giving a massive THANK YOU to Sanjay Shah for his teachings
and allowing me to part of an amazing journey. I am and will be forever

Keith McKay

"If you think that there should be more to life and that
something is missing. Come on Emotional Mastery for
the start of a journey of discovery"

Colin Briley