Learn how simple powerful techniques can shift
you from your worries and frustration to feeling calm,
confident and decisive

The Inner Path of Leadership.
Learn how business owners are combining
IQ & EQ to become leaders within their business

Learn how simple powerful techniques
can shift you from worry, frustration and disappointment
to feeling calm, confident and decisive.

Be More, Do Less, Achieve More
Are you ready for the three steps to lasting change?
Have it all through the power of Emotion

Be More, Do Less, Achieve More

Improve your business, improve your life

The key to EQ is in understanding yourself and then understanding your team

Sanjay Shah has worked with leaders from the worlds of accountancy, law, medicine and other disciplines helping them to reach new levels of understanding about themselves and their colleagues enabling them to achieve greater success, greater productivity and that elusive but necessary work life balance.

  • The professional approach to effective leadership and team building
  • Professional people are under greater pressure than ever before to deliver more for less whilst at the same time balancing the often conflicting needs of clients, colleagues and staff.
  • Clarity of purpose and clarity of aims can often become obscured as on a daily basis differing priorities jockey for position
  • As a result, more and more committed professionals are left wondering whether the job they loved and the success they have achieved are worth the sacrifices they are making.

As a transformational speaker, Sanjay is highly respected by his peers and audiences, and has spoken for many organisations within the UK, and also in Spain, India and the USA.

As a coach and trainer, Sanjay has studied with some of the world’s leading experts in the field of Emotional Intelligence including Anthony Robbins, Brandon Bays, Richard Bandler (co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Tolly Burkan (world firewalking authority) and Paul McKenna to name but a few.

Sanjay has taken his vast knowledge and experience of Emotional Intelligence techniques and blended it into his own unique and simple brand of accelerated coaching and training, the SOAR™ method. He helps successful but busy people become the person they always wanted to be, whether that is an influential leader in their field of expertise, or simply within their personal life – and to do it FAST

Contact Sanjay today to have a Meaningful Conversation about how applying the skill of EQ creates the link to doing the right things and getting the right results and how to successfully navigate your way to both greater success and greater fulfilment in your professional and personal lives.


There are three major areas of life that everyone struggles with:

  1. Your Wealth
  2. Your Relationships
  3. Your Health

Download the book for bite size information of the key points of my teachings on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), with tips on how to apply them in your business and personal life.

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