Learn how business owners are using IQ and EQ to become leaders within their business and how it is helping them to Be More, Do LessAchieve More

  • How much of your business life have you spent on Trial & Error?

  • Learning what you need to DO as a leader?

  • Chasing goals in a way that is not in alignment with your operating system?

  • What has this cost you?  Both in terms of time and money!

You can be a very successful business person but know that something is missing in your life.  Working hard to maintain the level of success that you have achieved or thinking you have to work harder to achieve more can take it’s toll on your health and relationships.  By using EQ you can have success with fulfilment and happiness.

By applying and learning the skills of EQ you can find the missing link from applying the right strategies but getting the wrong results to doing the right thing and getting the right results.

Check out some of the results leaders in business have already achieved:

I set a financial goal at the beginning of the year and through learning and applying the techniques of EQ I far exceeded this goal.  Emotional Intelligence has made an amazing different to my business and personal life.

Richard Little

I have achieved many things which at the start of the year I thought impossible – I have grown in confidence and have a true acceptance of who I really am after 40 years of not really understanding myself.

Cheryl Little

I have gained clarity about what is really important to me and what I really want in my life.  I have achieved more than I could imagine but in ways I didn’t expect or thought was possible.

Aine Gallagher

My business has had its best year so far.  I’m happier within myself which in turn creates a happy buzz between me and my clients.  I feel positive about the future.

Emma Hall

I have achieved far greater clarity around my goals and have gained a better understanding of myself  and others.  I have achieved far more than I thought I had or would and more importantly enjoyed the journey.

Jenni Henderson


Become the leader you are designed to be


Discover & learn how to work with your core operating system rather than have it work against you


Learn how to effectively implement the tools of EQ to realise your goals – with less effort

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