Are you fed up?

Are you fed up, of being fed up?


Join us for Emotional Mastery - Now Online and learn three phases that can change your life...

Are You Ready to Gain Access to a Wealth of Impactful Tools that have the Power to Transform Your Life?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

● You’re hardworking, but you don’t seem to be getting the rewards you deserve?
● You pay the price for your success in your relationships and your health?
● Your concern for what others might think is holding you back?
● You think you know what to do, but what if you’re wrong?
● You want to make a difference and a change in your life, but don’t know where to start?
● Some days you feel like you’re pushing in your life, but you’re only standing still?

Are you ready to achieve the following?

● Understand how to influence growth and change in your life.
● Know how to move out of low level negative emotions and access high level positive emotions at any time.
● Have faith in your decisions, as you know that making decisions from an emotional state is good as long as it is the right level of emotion.
● Transform your life through the power of emotional mastery?

Emotional Mastery will give you the knowledge and understanding you need, as well as a feeling for, the most powerful tools of emotional intelligence. You will learn how to utilise them effectively, in order to transform your life for good!

Our Next Emotional Mastery Course will run -  
Saturday 24th July and Sunday 25th July 2021

Over these two days you will gain access to six sought after sessions!

All designed to help you gain the power you deserve over your life! Spaces are limited, so sign up today to avoid disappointment.

In Just Two Days You Will Learn and Understand How To.....

  • Get into the highest emotional levels, all the time, no matter what life throws at you – personal or business.
  • Remove ALL energy sapping emotions in minutes.
  • Uncover your three core programmes that create EVERY thought and emotion that you ever have – and so impact every action you ever take
  • Apply the Three rules of mastery
  • Neutralise your negative thoughts and be in positivity ALL of the time
  • Use other people’s negativity to clear your subconscious negative thinking patterns
  • Make peace with your past setbacks
  • Break through your glass ceilings that have been putting a cap on the levels of your own success in business and in life
  • Become the person you always wanted to be
  • Live in the eye of the storm – practical tips to make your life easy
  • Bring emotional intelligence into everyday life and your business

You’ll Gain FREE Access to The Emotional Power Online Program!

Before attending the two day Emotional Mastery course, we recommend that you complete our Emotional Power Online Program. This program will prepare you with a solid foundation in emotional intelligence. For a limited time only, we are giving you access to this program for free - with any purchase of the Emotional Mastery Course. 

How you can earn FREE course attendance!

You can gain discounts simply by referring others to the Emotional Mastery course.  

Applies for new delegates and also if you are a returning student, or an Emotional Mastery Graduate.

  • Refer 1 delegate, who signs up to the course - earn a 25% discount off your course fee!
  • Refer 2 delegates, who sign up to the course - earn a 50% discount off your course fee!
  • Refer 3 or more delegates, who sign up to the course - earn your place on the course for FREE. 

Why choose the Emotional Mastery online course?

Expert Lead Accelerated Training

Emotional Mastery is an accelerated training program to embed the advanced skills of emotional intelligence in a powerful and experiential environment. Over two days you will experience transformation in your way of thinking and the way you experience emotions.

Improve Your Personal Performance

You will no longer be a victim of low-level draining emotions.

You will become the master of your emotions and use positive emotions to improve your performance in your life and in your business.

Understand How and Why

This course will teach how and why leaders who are revered use high level emotions to influence change and growth within their organisations, whilst leaders who are reviled are using low level emotions (e.g. fear, anger, bullying) to manipulate the people within their organisations.

You can learn through your own hard experience, or you can learn through the experience of people who have been through there before.

Emotional mastery is learning from the experience of other people who have already been there – so you don’t have to pay the price.

Our Next Emotional Mastery Course will run -
Saturday 24th July & Sunday 25th July 2021

Over these two days you will gain access to six sought after workshops!

All designed to help you gain the power you deserve over your life!

Sessions on both days will be run at the following times:
Registration & Login – 9.45am to 10.00am
Session 1 – 10.00am to 12.00pm
Session 2 – 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Session 3 – 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Spaces are limited, so sign up today to avoid disappointment.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How It Works

The online retreat will be offered via Zoom Meetings.

All participants are asked to ensure they have their camera on.  You will be asked to mute and unmute as appropriate during certain sections.

Each day is broken down into three sessions.  All sessions will be recorded and will be available and sent to delegates after the event.

The sessions may take the form of learning and information presented on screen via powerpoint or as a Satsang.

What is Satsang?

Satsang is a Sanskrit term meaning “being in the company of the truth” or “right association,” and refers to a group of like-minded people who engage in a spiritual dialogue. The root words, sat and sanga, mean “true” and “community,” respectively; therefore, satsang may also be thought of as friendship or relationship with the truth itself.

During Satsang sessions we will invite delegates to ask a question or discuss a thought or an issue.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation by you:

  • More than 90 days – 100% of price paid
  • 30 to 90 days – 50% of price paid
  • Less than 30 days – no refund
  • Non-attendance at event sessions – no refund

Cancellation by Search Answers – 100% of price paid

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Please see here for a full list of our Terms & Conditions

Technical Requirements for Zoom

Please ensure that you have carried out the following:

I am struggling with Internet Connections

Please try refreshing the page and closing / re-opening your browser.

If you are experiencing recurring buffering, please make sure your internet connection is fast enough to support streaming: (should be at least 1.5 Mbps download)

Zoom Calls

We have added extra layers of security on all Zoom calls to reduce the risk of ‘Zoombombing’. This will apply to ALL calls from May 1st.

1) You must have YOUR OWN Zoom account – either free or paid.
2) You must login to the conference from your account (via Zoom app) and not from the web.
3) Your display name MUST be the name we know you by, both you First name and Surname. If you use any other name, we will not recognise you!
4) You will have to have your Video ENABLED when you enter the conference and the first 5 minutes or until we say the conference/call is starting, so we can verify you. If we cannot do this, you will be removed from the conference and not be re-admitted.

Once we say the conference/call has started, you can switch your video off if you just want to listen. To participate, it must be switched on.

As you’ll know if you have attended a recent Zoom call with us, you first enter a waiting room before joining the conference.

If you do not follow the above 4 criteria, we will not be able to authenticate you, and you will not be allowed into the conference.

These guidelines are being implemented so we can continue to have the powerful calls we are used to, without disruption from idiots!

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video and audio conferencing platform that allows calls for groups of people. The free account offered by Zoom is sufficient to participate in this retreat. You can find out more about Zoom here.

Is Everyone on Zoom for the whole retreat?

Yes.  You will receive a link to the Zoom Room with Meeting ID and Password Information prior to the event.  The meeting will be kept live all day and you can unmute or stop your video at anytime.

The only time we will be recording is during the live sessions.

For Further Info visit our website of:

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