When the mind questions but the heart knows – overcoming Mind Sabotage

It is often said the children have the highest level of natural emotional intelligence.

Parents and those who’ve spent time with children will have noticed how they always act instinctively and let their heart rather than their learning, guide their actions.

What is Mind Sabotage?
Mind Sabotage is when we allow our mind to overtake what our heart intrinsically knows is right.

To put it simply, it’s when we get so wrapped up in the ‘doing’ we actually stop listening to ourselves.

How do we make decisions?
In the past I’ve asked a number of people how they make a decision and a common answer is, “Well, I look at the situation, weigh up all and facts and figures and then base my decision on these and my own experiences.”

OK, that sounds pretty sensible but I think it ignores the most important decision making tool that we have; our ‘gut feeling’.

Imagine if someone asked you the question, ‘How do you make a decision?’ and your answer was, ‘I just know what the right thing to do is!’

Do you think that would feel more powerful?

Overcoming paralysing Mind Sabotage
The key way to overcome this Mind Sabotage is to simply take time to listen to your heart and refuse to let your logic mask what you know is right.

Learn to believe in the intrinsic knowledge of your heart therefore and allow it to give you the best response.

It takes a little time
Be aware that your ‘heart response’ may not be as immediate as your ‘mind response’ but if you can pause and take a moment to recognise how you really feel about something (or the potential of something happening) then your internal answer is likely to be revealing.

OK – why is this important?
Well the simple answer is, if we observe our feelings and making conscious choices we have more control, we take full responsibility for our actions and we then feel so much better about the outcome.

Being open and honest with yourself also enables you to be more open and honest with other people.

Here’s the good news
The good news is anyone can do this. It’s actually quite a simple thing to do.

The challenge is, when you have to make a decision or you’re faced with a dilemma, can allow yourself to take a few moments to really listen to your heart? (This is something that can be learned with the right tools).

Take time to pause before you act and you may be surprised at just how much more sure you feel as a result.

How I can help you
I help individuals and organisations APPLY Emotional Intelligence – most teaching was focusing on understanding Emotions and that is NOT the same as being able to APPLY Emotional Intelligence.  How do you understand something that has no logic to it? The mind can work with logic and reason but it is completely paralysed when faced with something irrational – the emotions however CAN deal with irrational and illogical information.  Learning to apply a combination of Mind Intelligence (IQ) with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can make huge, exciting and positive differences in your life and in your business, every single day.

Are you ready to learn from a place of knowing or are you happy continuing to doubt?

If you are ready to know what the right thing to do is simply give me a call on 08451 153 0037 or ping me an email.