Time is money

This last Saturday saw me meeting with my Emotional Mastery Goals Mastermind Group.

Each month we meet to discover and remove the block we have in place that stop us, or slow us down,  from achieving our big goals in life.

This month we began looking at core patterns that are ingrained in us at an early age, starting with our beliefs about time and money. To a lot of people time is money.

This has all sorts of implications around our relationship with both time and money. One big consequence of this is that with this belief, you fill all your time with activity to earn money – after all if you’re not doing, you’re not earning. Money doesn’t grow on trees, so you have to work for a living.

And these are just 4 beliefs I’ve just shared here; how many more do you have in place? Especially ones that conflict, where by living to one makes you unable to live to the other! So you end up having neither time or money, at least in abundance.

I wonder how much extra time and money the members of this Goals Mastermind will generate as they remove the conflicted beliefs and replace them with ones that will actually help achieve their big goals.

In the first month of this year’s mastermind, they collectively generated over £60,000 in extra wealth between  them (15 masterminders) – and they hadn’t even looked at the beliefs around time and money until last Saturday!

What beliefs do you have about time and money? How are they holding you back from having more of both of them?

Go on then. Change them and prosper.