Skinny, Rich and Happy

“If information alone changed people’s lives, everybody would be skinny, rich and happy!”
 Les Brown 

It’s true isn’t it, and we all know it.

So why do you constantly seek more information in order to become successful at something?
There is nothing wrong with information per se; it’s just not the only important factor in attaining success in any field.

Many years ago, when I first started to look at success and why I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be, knew I ought to be and deserved to be, I got into the habit of seeking the best of the best in any field. I went to every course I could find that would give me the missing ingredient, the secret that successful people had that I obviously didn’t. If only I knew more, then I would be able to find out how to be successful! The reality was, more knowledge didn’t make me more successful

It took a while before I realised that there was more to success than knowing what to do (I.e knowledge). I realised I had to do what I knew. And later on I learned I only had to do a little of what I knew, but with consistency and commitment. The little is the 20% of the knowledge that makes a difference to me and my business. The 80% can be put to one side.

Are you seeking more knowledge?
Or are you applying what you already know?

Remember, you don’t need to apply it all.
But you do need to apply it consistently and with commitment.

And you too can be skinny, rich and happy.

Go on then, make success easier today!