Loser to Winner

We have just had the Monaco Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton was in the lead on a track which is almost impossible to overtake on for most of the course.  A bad judgment call by his team to bring him for a pit stop to change his tyres resulted in him being passed by and ending up in 3rd place, having led for most of the race. You could have forgiven him for being angry at losing the race. When asked about it he replied:

“It’s not how you lose, it’s how you come back”

Champions aren’t winners every time. Champions are champions because of how they come back from every setback, every loss. The term ‘overnight sensation’ is used to describe someone’s ‘rapid’ rise to success – what it fails to mention is that the night may have lasted many years. And the night ended because they kept coming back from every setback, every loss.

Losers become winners by honing their ability to keep coming back, by never giving up on themselves. You are a winner, unless you decide to settle for a loss.

Be a winner, become a champion.