Let emotional intelligence take the C.R.A.P. out of your day!

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever had a crap day?

Of course you have. We’ve all had them, and we all react to them in different ways. For some of us, the crap days stay with us for a lot longer than for others.

Why is this?  Well, we are taught history, science and maths when we’re growing up but few of us are taught about emotional awareness – the ability to identify and deal with our emotions and the emotions of others. Do you remember a single lesson in emotional awareness?

These skills are equally, if not more, valuable to us in life but you’ll never learn them in a schoolroom.

People who exhibit emotional intelligence have the skills to read emotions, respond to the needs of others, manage conflict and stop emotions disrupting their lives.

Managing your emotions
Whether it’s a cringe-worthy job interview that you could have done better at or a misunderstanding between you and a colleague that’s resulted in an attack of paranoia and self-doubt; I guess we’ve all been in situations that we ‘could have’, ‘would have’ or  ‘should have’ handled better.

These ‘could have’, ‘would have’ or ‘should have’ are negative thoughts that alter your emotional state – resulting in feelings of guilt, shame, upset, fear, embarrassment and anger and get stuck in what I call ‘below-the-line’ states. Or we can experience ‘above-the-line’ states of Courage, Acceptance and Peace.

Let’s look at CRAP as an acronym:


It’s Resistance to the situation and your thoughts or feelings about the situation that put a CAP on your ability to handle the said situation. In short, take the R out of CRAP and you take the CAP off your ability to perform at your very best. This is what I have been successfully applying to my life and teaching the many clients I have worked with over the course of the last 18 years in business. So I have plenty of success stories to back up my claims.

Giving you the tools
Emotional Intelligence gives you the tools to take the ‘R’ out of C.R.A.P. and helps you focus your mind on ‘above-the-line’ states of courage, acceptance and peace to achieve your goals and outcomes with less effort.

Back to your situation.

The majority of us could have feelings of guilt, shame, upset, fear, embarrassment and anger following an experience like this and get stuck in ‘below-the-line’ states

These feelings are difficult to let go of unless we are taught HOW to let them go.  Emotional intelligence can help you let go of the Resistance to the situation, which, as I show on my courses, just wastes your energy – valuable energy that can be used to IMPROVE the situation. It helps you recognise what you’ve done, take ownership of your feelings, and then allow yourself to move on.

This ‘emotional mastery’ is the key. These people found their key to unlocking their true potential – see what they have to say:


Find out more
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You need to be in the highest state to achieve the best in life. Is this just another interesting article you’ll forget in a few minutes, or are you going to do something to learn how to be in that best state? Go on, do something NOW. Your life is waiting for you to turn up.