How to carry on when there is no end in sight

We have emotional peaks and emotional troughs. It is a natural part of living that we experience these highs and lows. I don’t know about you but I have often found myself to be consumed by the feelings I experience during the lows of life. So much so that nothing else seems to exist , or even matter,  when in these depths of pain and/despair.

It is very easy to lose our grip on reality at these times of crises. We can’t ‘see the wood for the trees’ and lose hope of a resolution to the crisis very quickly.

I am reminded of a passage in the classic children’s book, The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien. The main character, Bilbo Baggins, and his companions are lost in a forest and becoming desperate as there seems to be no end to the trees. One of the companions climbs to the top of a tall tree to see if he can see which way they should travel to escape the forest. On reaching the top of the tree, all he can see all around is an endless sea of trees and relays this to the others at the foot of the tree. They all quickly lose hope of escape. What none of them know is that they are at the bottom of a shallow valley and that the forest ends just beyond the lip of the valley.

I liken our situations to this. At the depths of our pain and sorrows, we are in the depths of an emotional valley, and no matter how high the tree we climb, we cannot see beyond the lip of the valley. All we can do at this point is to tighten our belts and carry on walking. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean there is no end in sight. Keep on walking.

“Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.”

James Rogers (1875-1961)

Go on then, keep on walking.


13 thoughts on “How to carry on when there is no end in sight

  1. I love this Sanjay. I agree so often we are so close to our goals yet the emotions these goals bring up make us feel like we will never get there. Yet we are closer than we think if we just feel the power of the still quite voice inside us that says ‘you can do it you’re nearly there’ instead of being driven by our minds that become unsettled and way laid with thoughts of hopelessness . Look forward to your next blog x

    • Hi Debbie, I teach this on the Emotional Mastery Goals Mastermind because so many of us sabotage our success at the finish line. We do that because of patterns that we have adopted over a lifetime. These patterns are often unconscious because we have forgotten that we took them on. The actions required to achieve your goals bring these unconscious patterns to the surface, so that you cna finally see them and remove them.

  2. I agree sometimes all there is left is to keep walking forward with faith and trust the universe,
    And whatever is happening presently Is supposed to be,learn the lessons from this experience and
    Just keep walking forward, with your head held high.
    Easier said than done especially when we don’t want to surrender and accept the situation ,in that case
    For me there is great pain and conflict.

    • Hi Claudio, thank you for sharing your experience.
      Surrender and acceptance can be very high level emotions on the Emotional Scale. Surrender doesn’t have to be defeatist – it can simple be the end of the fight. And Acceptance allows you to free your emotional energies and conserve them to be used for actions that create your new reality. From my experience, pain and conflict arise from the refusal to surrender and accept, and only lead to a wastage of emotioanl energy. In the acceptance of what is, all pain and suffering end and you have the energy to move forward.

  3. Thank you Sanjay
    very much I totally agree with you but so hard to do especially in matters of the heart/ relationships.

  4. Sanjay

    Thank you very much .

    If only it was that easy with me I’m reaching that place through so much pain and not surrendering .
    Trust and faith and the universe , and my intuition is all there is left.
    Wanting to be with someone so much but developing anxiety and panic attacks around them constantly
    If I’m around them or not .
    Such a shame she’s a lovely person but clearly reluctantly my insides are saying no and my mind says yes ,at least I think.
    Hey ho anyway Sanjay I don’t want to abuse the privilege or your time.
    Thank you for your emails and knowledge and guidance .

    • Hi Claudio,
      You’re welcome, and its not wasting time a I’m sure others will benefit from reading this.
      Emotions can be overwhelming when we don’t know what and how to deal with them. Ultimately it is something all of us have to do if we are live happy and fulfilled lives.
      We all have programs which we run, and some of us are so connected to our feelings that we hurt more than others. Once you learn to work with the emotions and programs, you can start to have the type of relationships you crave, and they can also be easy. When you are ready, come along to one of my talks / events and you’ll be able to learn how to deal with overwhelming emotions so that you can build your dream relationship. If you are not in the UK, then let me know and I can send you details of my new online training program – it is not on my website yet as most of the people who purchase it do so after one of my talks.
      In the meantime, keep reading the newsletters and blog and keep walking in the direction of your dreams.


  5. Thanks again yes I’m in the uk.
    I just click on events on your Website or I guess you email them out when and where they are .
    thank you for your Sanjay .
    Ironically my ex partner is good friends with Arti your sister ,small world isn’t it. Not sure if I’m supposed to put that in and I’m sure you can take that part out.
    I feel very privileged that you had the time and patience to reply .

    • Hi Claudio,
      It is a small world!
      The next event is on 30 June, in Solihull/Birmingham.
      The event details are the same as on the site and bookings will be taken soon on the site.
      I’m primarily promoting the event at two talks I am giving in the next 10 days, the first one of which is tomight.
      I’ll let you know when online bookings are open, or just email me privately through the contact page on the website to book offline.


  6. Thank you very much
    Sanjay I really need to try and get through this.
    So difficult

  7. Sanjay, I love this post of yours about carrying on. It just says it all to me. Thank you. Very inspiring.


    • Hello Julia,
      Thank you for the feedback. It is not always easy, but it is always worth it.


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