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SIMPLE POWERFUL TECHNIQUES can shift you from your worries, frustration and disappointments to feeling calm, confident and decisive - ANY TIME!

Are you ready to learn how to shift your thoughts from frustration and worry to feeling calm in an instant?

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Radical Emotional Intelligence skills for Overworked, Underappreciated and Unfulfilled Entrepreneurs, Executives and Business Owners

How can Emotional Power help you?

Are you doing all the right things but getting the wrong results?

By using the techniques taught in the online program you will have the edge in any communication by making you more influential.

  • Are you stuck in negative emotions?

    You can turn these negative emotions into a Power Emotion within seconds

  • Do you worry about......

    Worrying thoughts are paralysing.  Learn how to neutralise them.

  • Do you carry stress from years ago?

    You can be done with these situations and move forward with your life

Ready to shape your destiny with powerful decisions in an instant?

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Ready to make shifts in your wealth, health and relationships?

Are you ready to understand why Emotional Intelligence is growing in popularity and why big business are paying big money for Emotional Intelligence training?

This online program will take you through the 4 Key Stages to developing Emotional Intelligence which you can study in the comfort of your own home where you can play and replay the videos.  The videos are filmed within a live training environment so you will lean how others achieved success through simple, powerful techniques that will change your emotions in an instant.

  • Unlock The Intention

    The first 8 videos will take you through the importance of EQ and how to understand thoughts vrs feelings and making powerful decisions with the right intentions.

  • Four Steps to EQ

    The next series of 6 videos will show you the steps to developing Emotional Intelligence and how to use the tools to make powerful decisions

  • How to use it everyday

    The last 3 videos will give you the glue that holds it all together and how you can start using the techniques in every day situations and decisions to ensure you do the right things with the right results and you can be more, do less, achieve more

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By using the tools and techniques Sanjay has given me, I am able to let all of the pressure go, and I find that everything that needs to happen, happens easily, effortlessly and successfully.  

Nicola Sunderland, Financial Advisor



You blew me away with your strategies at.  I am already using the techniques you taught me and it is working wonders for me.  In just one week I feel that my life has changed dramatically. I am achieving my goals. OMG I am unstoppable!!

Hansa Sharma

Ready to eliminate worry whenever you need to?
Learn to change your Emotional State on demand?
Use Fear as a springboard to the POWER emotions?

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Still Have Questions about Emotional Power Online?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

How can I make the most of my online program?

The way to make the most out of your online programme is to pay attention and participate.  Emotional Intelligence is an experience. Also don't blindly believe the information I share with you.   Keep an open mind and take it or checking so you can convince yourself.  Turn off the phone, set the time aside and do not get interrupted.

What type of technology will I need to participate in the online program?

You will need to have access to a computer, mobile phone or tablet which can play video files with audio.  The files will be sent in an email and will be streamed from this.  You will need to have a decent broadband and the ability to download the files.

What additional support is there to help me through the program?

Support is there whenever you need it.  There is a Facebook group where you can connect with like minded people who have been on the program and you will be invited to join this.  If you need to speak to Sanjay or arrange a meeting with him to discuss any further issues you will also be able to do so.

What is an online program like?

It is a different experience to a live event however you will get just as much out of the program as if you were in the room.  This program was filmed over a live day event so you will hear others in the room - listen in to what they are saying and pay attention to what happens in the room.  Have a piece of paper to hand and work on what you want to achieve.  With the online program you will also be able to watch the videos over again at your leisure.

How will the online program be delivered?

Once you have signed up and payment has been received you will receive an email with the details on how to access the videos and the program.  This will be accessed via a web page with a private password.

What type of results should I expect from this program?

The results will depend on you and what intention you set during the first video.  You will learn a 4 step technique to emotional intelligence that will help you to move from low level emotions to high level emotions in an instant.

Now is the time to shape your destiny with decisions made from the right place and the right level of emotion.

Get started now - it's not too late.

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