Loser to Winner

We have just had the Monaco Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton was in the lead on a track which is almost impossible to overtake on for most of the course.  A bad judgment call by his team to bring him for a pit stop to change his tyres resulted in him being passed by and ending up in 3rd place, having led for most of the race. You could have forgiven him for being angry at losing the race. When asked about it he replied:

“It’s not how you lose, it’s how you come back”

Champions aren’t winners every time. Champions are champions because of how they come back from every setback, every loss. The term ‘overnight sensation’ is used to describe someone’s ‘rapid’ rise to success – what it fails to mention is that the night may have lasted many years. And the night ended because they kept coming back from every setback, every loss.

Losers become winners by honing their ability to keep coming back, by never giving up on themselves. You are a winner, unless you decide to settle for a loss.

Be a winner, become a champion.

Who loves you, baby?

February 13, and the world’s retail marketing machines are well into into the annual frenzy of selling Valentine’s Day. Millions of £$€ and just about any other currency will be spent. Hearts will be given, eaten (in the form of sweets!) and, of course, also broken.

What started as a fertility festival in Roman times has become a consumer spending spree for people, all desiring to show their love for that ‘special’ one in their life. There is nothing wrong in having love in your life. There is nothing wrong with demonstrating your love, in whatever way you choose to. It all depends on your motivation for wanting to do either.

In my seminars on Emotional Intelligence, I share with people how to find true love. Many have found it soon after, some even found their true loved one on the seminar! (see the video testimonial where my friend Elinor did just that – you can see it in her face!)

What all of them learned is that low level feelings/emotions – such as loneliness, feeling incomplete without a special love, jealousy, desire, longing, fear of being hurt, and a whole load more – only succeed in keeping it away from you. When you make a decision to change your feelings to higher ones of courage, love and peace with where you are now, people actually feel more attracted to be with you. Paradoxically, being okay and in love with where you are attracts that special someone into your life – as Rachel discovered recently:







What you sow, you reap.

Give love with desperate thoughts of it being returned, and all you will do is put blocks in the way to it being returned to you.
Give love with an open heart with no thoughts of it being returned, and it will come to you in abundance.

My message is simple: treat your Valentine with no thoughts of love being returned to you. You just might enjoy Valentine’s Day more than you’ve ever done!

If you want to learn what Rachel and Elinor did on my course, then the next one is in May. Come and find your true love.

Go on, have the courage to love and be loved


Dying to Live

I heard today a dear friend was taken to a hospice.

His name is Maurice, and he has taught me much in a short time about Love. So much, he will, probably, never know the extent.

He has reminded me:

  • To live fully
  • To love fully
  • To make the most of my time here
  • To not take anything for granted because it can change in an instant
  • To forgive everyone who I ever thought has hurt me, and to do it now. Without forgiveness, love is just an empty word
  • To be true to myself and make a stand for what I believe in
  • To change what I can and accept all that I can’t

These are just some of the things that come to mind now.

He has reminded me that there are people dying to live – just one more day, one more hour, one more minute, one more moment. Think of all the people you know who are ill. If you don’t know any personally, then think of the people in the news, maybe those who have contracted Ebola, the disease of the moment in the media. Are they hoping to live just one more day?

And you? Are you dying to live? Or are you just getting by each day with a belief that you have a long time to go? Can you really know that to be true? What if this is your last day? What will you think with your dying breath?

I know what I thought as I lay in the operating theatre after my heart attack. I was thinking, “I’m too young to die. Please, God, give me one more day. I’ll do anything You want me to…” I was dying to live. And it’s not a nice feeling, to realise that you haven’t lived fully.

Now the good news.  If you are reading this, it’s not too late.

This is a moment of choice. To live life fully, or to die slowly and regret it when it’s too late.

It’s your choice.

Perhaps, like me, you’ll be lucky and get a second chance.

Then again, maybe not. Its 50:50. Do you like to bet on those odds? I don’t. I like them stacked in my favour.

I hope you live before you’re dying to live.

In a week’s time, I get to help those who decided to live now at the Emotional Mastery Retreat.

I love to see the transformations that occur as people experience their own greatness and power: sometimes for the first time in years.

The bad news; this program is fully booked now.

The good news: I’ve decided, for the next Emotional Mastery Retreat in May 2015 (yes its along time away for me to wait to have so much fun again helping people transform!), I am going to giving away a scholarship to one lucky person. Watch out for details of this in the coming weeks.

Until then, stop waiting. Start living.

Be More, Do Less, Achieve More


The Invitation


  • What is it?
  • What does it involve?
  • What will you teach?
  • Why are you doing this for free?
  • Why should I attend?

Just some of the questions that have been asked of me after the recent announcement of an event I am presenting with Deepak Lodhia on 30th October.

So here goes:
A Sanskrit word where
‘sat’ means Truth and
‘sang’ is short for sangha, or company/gathering/group.

So a literal translation could be ‘the company of Truth’

What does it involve?
Simply a meeting of people where only Truth is spoken.
There is no such thing as THE truth, only a truth of which there can be many.

This is an opportunity to explore, and maybe discover, the truth of who you really are as opposed to who you think you are!

It is our experience that at some time in life we will finally return to the oldest, and in some spiritual traditions, only, question worth asking – ‘Who am I?

My own experience is we will have no choice but to ask this question, even if it is the last question on our deathbed. I don’t say that lightly. I say it from having worked with many people who have either been close to death or have died. They all asked this one question.

I waited till my heart attack before I really asked it.

We would like to give you the opportunity to discover the answer to this long before you reach the end of your life. Deepak and I are fortunate – we each lived to ask this question after a heart attack. Not everybody is as fortunate as us.

Swiftly following on the heels of this question is ‘What is my life about?’ i.e. why am I here anyway?!

Again, we have discovered our answers. Do you know your answer?

What will you teach?
We are not going to ‘teach’ anything.

You already know the answer, no teaching is required.

Our role is to help you remember the answer, your answer. Not ours; yours.

Why are you doing this for free?
We see this as our opportunity to give back to many of you have given us so much over the last few years.

The room is paid for. We won’t be selling or promoting anything.

We decided this is going ahead, even if it is just the two of us (we do that regularly anyway – we just pay a restaurant for the seats and they serve us food and drink}.

You are invited to join us or not. Whatever is right for you.

Why should I attend?
You should attend because

  • You are tired of living someone else’s Truth and yearn to discover your own
  • You are tired of searching for the missing piece in your life
  • You are ready to be all you can be
  • You are ready to live a little more each day rather than die a little more each day
  • You want to join us and laugh at ourselves

A piece of advice: leave seriousness at home. Be ready to play and laugh.

If any of the above has intrigued you in any way, come and join us.  Register and book your place here – JOIN SANJAY AND DEEPAK

Ever had one of these days…….?

To say it’s been a technically challenging day wouldn’t be accurate!

I updated iTunes on my computer and IOS on my iPhone late last night. Now my iTunes won’t sync my music to my phone – in fact it has taken all audio OFF my phone so I can’t use it as an iPod! Wasn’t Apple meant to be good at all that?!

Earlier yesterday I had finally decided to upgrade to Mac from a PC Laptop. Now I’m not so sure after my experience of updating my phone and computer software.

Today my emails, actually all company emails, went down so no one is able to email me as I write this, and we can’t email anyone else.

After hours of frantic activity, it came down to something simple (as is often the case). A ‘techie’ had changed a setting on the internet that shouldn’t have been changed at the time. So, the setting is back to what it should have been, but it could take up to 48 hours for normal service to resume!

So, it could have been a challenging day where I tore out what remains of my hair. Instead it’s been irritating, but at the same time, not that big a deal. There isn’t much I can do, or could have done, personally to resolve the challenges beyond what I have already done.

What’s the difference between me today and the person I was years ago, who would have been fuming about in a state of rage, and taking it out on other people and things? My ability to SOAR above the situation.

I could STOP my mind from hijacking my day and creating a crisis out of everything.
I could OBSERVE what was really going on, as opposed to what I thought was going on The world was still turning, my business was still running and apart from the lack of email communication and audios I could listen to, nothing much had changed.
I could ACCEPT the reality of what the situation is rather than keep wishing (uselessly) that is was something else.
Finally, I could RELEASE the negative thought patterns and feelings that were in danger of hijacking my day.

Stop Observe Accept Release

I could get on with my day. The emails got resolved by the end of the working day. I got my old iPod out and started to transfer my audios to that and did the best I could.

How often is your day hijacked by your thoughts and emotions? What gets you in such a state that you can’t think straight, fell crap and wish you’d never got out of bed that day?

I’ve worked with hundreds of people in the last few years, who have seen the quality of their life, work and relationships improve dramatically once they learned to be a master of their emotions rather than the victim of life’s circumstances?

Maybe you will too someday? If you want to do it in a hurry, have a look at Emotional Mastery Retreat and I hope you join us to learn to be a Master. If you’ve read this far, let me reward the first two people to commit to mastery by bringing a friend / colleague / partner as my guest! Don’t be a slave to life’s circumstances, break free now! Click here for details. Once you are ready for mastery, call my office to book and get this deal.

REMEMBER, only the first TWO PEOPLE TO ACT NOW can benefit from this.