Are you a loser in the game of life?

How often do you fight things you don’t like?

Things people say.
Things people do.
Things that happen in the world.

What do you do when someone is having a go at you, for not being the person they would like you to be? For not being good enough. For being a lousy father/mother/parent/son/daughter/etc.

What do you do when life throws a curve ball at you? When that thing that was a certainty goes pear shaped.

All of these things stir up negative, low energy feelings in you; feelings which require more energy to keep in place than they give to you to use to change the situation.

Positive, high energy feelings give you more energy than you actually need to take action, to change a situation.

Negative feelings lead to a net loss of energy.
Positive feelings lead to a net gain of energy.

Which would you rather have: a net gain or a net loss?

Whenever you hang on to the negative feelings, you give life to the person/thing/situation that you don’t like. That’s why there is a net loss of energy.
Whenever you choose to experience positive feelings, you gain energy to take higher quality actions. That’s why you feel energised and are more likely to achieve your results.

Stop being a loser. Become a gainer.
You do want more energy to achieve the things you want in life, don’t you?

Go on then, make success easier today!